“So?” I impatiently inquired.

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“So?” I impatiently inquired.
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As anon as the music began, a now very tipsy Jenna grabbed a awfully tipsy Alexis’ hand, “Come on, we are dancing.”
“You’re not with me,” he said softly.
Beth was wiggling her ass, kneeling into my countenance. Eye’s trying to draw an conform to from me. Measure seemed to stop with the open door. I kissed her, wanting to force her eyes closed so I could wave a hand at Sarah to close the door. Beth didn’t let me.
“So?” I impatiently inquired.
What did you think of my mini-challenges? It does not percipient like you have tried either of them yet. Let me know if you don’t like them either and I’ll put an end to my “thinking cap” back on. (Do they still say that?)
“I understand, your first priority is sorting out your people. I get that,” Cat replied. And she did understand, completely. But after these last two nights, she knew what she wanted. Cat knew what she was climate for Brian, and what it meant for her.


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