I’ve been too busy shopping to write you.

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I’ve been too busy shopping to write you.
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Pedro found the crack glasses and poured one for each of us and we toasted my arrival and our beautiful home. Pedro and I got beers and he joined me in starting up the barbecue while Sandy chatted with his the missis on the patio. Pedro and I were talking about the financial risk to the year when I saw Carmelita bringing back Gustavo and his wife Maria. Sandy greeted them and I heard Gustavo telling Sandy how lucky I was to have such a superb bride. He stroked her bare shoulders warmly as he kissed each cheek. They spoke a hardly words in Spanish to each other. I went over and kissed his handsome younger wife on each cheek, a bit more fearless than I had been with Pedro’s. More shots were poured and I felt myself already a smidgen buzzed.
“Put lotion all over it.”
That in behalf of of their relationship was wonderful, both of them were eager to be together all of the time.
After dinner, less than an hour before sunset, Kathleen gathered the children for their adventure.
“Twenty,” she said, then allowed her well remains to collapse over the sofa arm.
I’ve been too busy shopping to write you.


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