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His pace quickened, her screams decreased. She was pushing back just right, identical his strokes. In and out he slid back and forth in her sweet, untapped ass. Flashing lights false front indicated the ambulances had arrived; he didn’t set up much time left. His gauge quickened again, pounding into her harder than she could handle. She reached thither to find his body and tap elsewhere, but only found pillows. The pain kept words from forming, and he pressed her into the pillow to keep anything from coming out anyway. His moans matched his quickening figure, he cause to go of her hair, grabbed her hips, and slammed into her a woman model time. She screamed out in pain as he released a big, backed up load viscera her ass. He pulled out slowly, then back in, ensuring every drop went inside her.

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“Mmmmm?” he mumbled in to hers.
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About us. I’m forty, and an attorney at a start–regarded mid–town Manhattan firm. Fitting shy of six feet tall, businesslike–earned swimmer’s build, with neatly–trimmed salt and pepper hair, pale blue eyes that typically look out via a two of a kind of horn–rimmed spectacles, and have been described as handsome on more than one occasion. My wife certainly thinks so.

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I didn’t know what they were talking about. I didn’t care. I felt great. Well-deserved, you recognize. I’m growing to love it. Whatever it is. I’ll screw anything at all.
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