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I was unabridged that day. I shot hot ropes of my cum into Betsy. To her credit she milked me with her pussy. It was like she needed to get every last drop from my body. At the end I pinched each of her hard nipples with my fingers. I could feel Betsy convulsing round my cock. I kept pumping my hardness into her wet pussy for some minutes longer.

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I looked at Gray. He was sitting on the bed, his cock rock ruthless watching me. I returned to the 2 cocks I was holding. Both were bigger and thicker than my husband’s. I started jacking them both and turned my head to one. I could see a drop of precum at the tip. I licked it with my tongue. I waited a moment licking my lips. It tasted different than Gray’s but I liked it. I then lowered my noodle over the tip and started to suck him.
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