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I took my hand off her breast and brought it down to her wise to, pulling her even closer to me. I grabbed her ponytail with my other hand and pulled it back. I kissed and bit her neck as I thrust into her. “I lady-love you, baby. Be quiet, or someone will hear.”

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“I didn’t lack to scare you off. I was regretful that if I gave it up too patently you would think I was a slut and would eventually drop me and go looking for some other girl and I did not fancy that to happen. Something told me that you were special and I needed to hang on to you.”
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But without delay, well, God would just have to deal with it. Today was Sunday, and she thought that Jack would until now want to go to church. She’d watch and listen carefully during the usefulness, and see if God gave her a sign that what she was doing was wrong. She hoped not, because doing this for Jack seemed to be the no greater than way of keeping him. And while it wasn’t all fun, it was a little fun being dejected.

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Susie had quickly grabbed the robe and managed to communicate it on when we heard Debs at the door.
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