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We went to our room and passed out without discussing the out of one’s gourd th that well-grounded happened. The next morning I wake up to my wife being gone. She comes in after I’m getting out of the shower looking quite happy. I ask where she’s been for the last 2 hours and she said she went to eat and bumped into Dave (hung guy) and he took her to his room and fucked her mouth, pussy, and ass again. She then strips off her bikini and I last his cum dripping down her legs. I was stunned but said nothing as she took my hard cock as approval. She said she would jerk me mouldy since she was troublesome from his capital cock. We laid on the bed and she told me how he was the best sex of her survival and she wanted to keep Fucking him while on vacation as she jerked me off. I felt turned on and vehement and agreed she could. I never watched them have fucking again but she fucked him every morning, afternoon, and evening. She would only just leave the lagoon in the afternoons and walk to his room with him and meet me in our lodgings dripping his cum out of her ass and pussy. After that tour she let me fuck her in the ass hahaha.I’m now remarried but my ex-ball and I were on vacation in Cancun. We went on a boobs travel where the women have to give up there tops at the start of the cruise. It was all couples I thought. They asked if any single guys were on the cruise and a ripped tan guy raised his hand. They ended up pulling his pants down and he had a huge cock even limp. I noticed my strife staring at it, but everyone was so I didn’t think anything of it. Later after many drinks and chatting with couples I saw them talking. We took a rough wave and she fell. He grabbed her and prevented her from falling too disastrous. She was laying on the deck of the yacht and he was on top of her. They started making off and he started fingering her. Then he moved down and licked her pussy in front of person. It was a wild cruise so no one cared. After she came on his tongue I thought that would be the end of it. I was turned on and shocked she did it without asking for my permission.

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“Okay, okay,” I nodded, knowing that as usual I had no power in this humiliating, all the same sexually gratifying relationship. I pulled down my pants, bent over my desk and waited, out though I had no lube.
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