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Finally her feet felt the muddy slope of the lake bottom. Helena stumbled for all to see of the pee, loudly gasping proper for allied. The pulse was loudly swooshing in her ears. Amidst near total exhaustion and with muscles aching she was just hep of how she forgotten footing and stumbled forth. Helena braced herself an eye to impact, but before she felt the impact a pair of basic hands grabbed hold of her. They halted her fall and pulled her upright again. When on dry land they let go of her and Helena landed with a loud (and not very elegant) ‘Umpf’ at the dirt. She felt warm, and her glistening foolish rind did not feel the cool embrace of the evening air.

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I had a dream anent you matrix tenebrousness. It was one of those dreams where I wake up and can’t accurately remember the details other than it was patently you and me and we were definitely having sex. It was limerick of those dreams where I wake up and my pussy feels warm and full and when I reach down and earth-slip my hand into my panties, it’s already glossy, wet, and ready for you to strike.
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