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So Robin tells me to last through up, and she gets on her knees on the couch, facing the wall behind it, and holding the back of the divan and the collapse…she tells me to put my cock in her ass…I’m so fucking hard….I press my lubed up cock at the bewitch of her ass…I’d heard that it’s most excellently to let the woman do the telling, so I stayed very still, though she could feel me knocking on the door…sure enough, she starts support her ass up on my cock…slowly…and I feel my head take home by virtue of the tight ring, and suddenly, she is slowly fucking her ass back and forth on my cock, going a bit deeper each time…finally, when she had me all the way advantaged her, she told me to fuck her ass! Then she brought up again how hot it is that we didn’t know each other at all and now my cock was buried in her ass…she was really getting off on the whole stranger thing — and so was I…! So I started fucking her, and then harder and harder, until I was fucking her ass as hard as I’ve ever fucked a pussy….and she was LOVING it…!!!! To me, it felt like my cock was in outer align — it was a itty-bitty bit of a rough entrant, but in two shakes of a lamb’s tail b together it red Dirt’s atmosphere (and because it’s not a muscle like a pussy), it was like floating in anti-gravity…felt incredible! Robin took one of her hands and started rubbing her clit really fast — I loved that she was so into it…I pulled her hair and twisted her head so that I could make out with her, and she in the course of time came just like that: rubbing her clit while we made doused and I fucked her ass as deep as I could…it was fucking hot, sweaty & amazing…After she came down — having not under any condition had anal sex before — I pulled my cock short of her in one shift…! Her whole body shuddered and her knees went completely pusillanimous as she fell back to the settee…she barely passed out…I immediately apologized for fetching it out so fast…when she regained her breath, she was laughing and explained that the feeling was reasonable so intense that it leveled her…but, she added, it felt incredible…!

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I could not maintain what she was saying to me because I always intelligence she was more private about such things. I asked her, “So you told all your financier not far from my dick, I can’t believe this!”
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