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My wife Debra and I headed off to Reno, we like to go down there for a week at least twice a year. Spend money, eat food with ridiculous prices, (at least the fancy places are expensive) sleep in an oversized attendants finalize with a glass enclosed inundate and a circular well stocked bar.

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My labia was swollen and wet, to my knock someone for six I was sense hot again. my comforting fingers on the double found my tender clit. It was so sensitive that it took only a light touch to send jolts of pleasure I never thought were possible. My portion started to convulse as a effectual orgasm engulfed me. I was screaming uncontrollably with delight, My legs couldn’t carry me anymore so I clutched the end of the table, I craved Marcus’s cock so much that I pushed my ass back to meet his pounding, extending my climax as much as I could.
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