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I don’t know how to define what happened next. Sally’s wit rolled go a unimportant until it was resting on my shoulder. She was there, but not there: the skin of her cheek touched the skin of my cheek, but my wife was caught up in the feeling of her lover sucking her nipples – first the right one, then the left, then back to the honest. I felt her excitement grow. I actually felt her pushing her case forward, offering her blunt tits to her lover. I was closer to my missus than I had been in a long time, but she barely noticed. She was caught up on entertainment – in the pleasure of her lover’s maw on her nipples – as she leaned in to his mouth I felt myself gently pushing her breasts forward, too. WE were offering him her nipples, and as I “did my job” I was overwhelmed by the shame and excitement of what I was doing. I felt no hesitation on Sally’s part, no misgivings; as Ted’s mouth sent waves of pleasure past my wife’s nipples, the truly that her husband was holding up her tits was just, in the interest lack of a better way to hold off it, “what we do.”

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“I bought you a present for the party tomorrow that I have a yen for you to wear,” she answered, handing me a small box.
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