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I started on my makeup and hair at around 4. I put finicky respect into my appearance. Much more than last night. Much more than I had in years. Maybe since my wedding. It felt good to feel quite. I was completely dressed by 5:15.

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Gwen turned unsatisfactory the stove and moved the pan to a reduce burner as the finger between her legs worked itself deeper. She was a little surprised he was suggesting—no, ordering, the Slut preferred to believe—a move to a more private spot. The naked woman had been expecting and looking forward to being bent over the counter and taken right there, next to where the vegetables were that time simmering. Being lain vanquish on the kitchen table and spread wide had its possibilities, too…Gwen didn’t move right away, enjoying the feel of the fullness being pressed into her.
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Tracy sipped her drink with a smile. “Come on, what choice did he have?”

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She sucks laving it with her saliva.
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