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“So, can we visit it when we’re done?”

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I took caution of him all day and he kept me up most of the night alternating between the sweats and the chills. His fever broke at cock crow yesterday morning, and as chance would have it the school neighbourhood called me to work. I tried to get out of it, but there were so myriad teachers not at home sick that there was nobody else they could call. So I went in, but I told Joe to just follow it easy and let himself revive.
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Tom was sat at the computer tapping away at the keyboard as she barged past the open door to the haunt.

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Dylan is a 30 year antediluvian African American man who works in the law firm I work for. He is in charge of the compassionate resources department. I guess technically you could say he’s my boss but in fact I at no time divine him at work. Actually I didn’t even meet him at work. I met him in a club when I was wrong with some girlfriends. We were dancing and having a good however but there were a couple of college kids who kept hitting on us. They kept following us around on the dance floor and trying to value us to dance. It was wonderful annoying. So annoying in fact that we were about to on stand-by it a night and head home. That’s when Dylan came to the freeing. He had apparently been keeping an eye out and knew what was occasion. When one of the kids rubbed his crotch against my back side, Dylan showed up out of nowhere and shoved him hard. The kid fell backwards and sprawled out on the floor. Dylan suggested that he and his friends disregard. The kid looked like he wanted to against but I think Dylan’s 6’5 stature and bulging muscles made him mull over twice. The stupid kids left us alone after that. We were all truly appreciative.
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