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One night after the kids had gone to bed I climb into bed besides my wife, I could ascertain that she was very horny just aside the way she was looking at me and I knew straight away that tonight was the night-time that I would fuck her tight mini pussy with my unheard of big sooty cock. As soon as I got into bed she started kissing me and slid her effortlessly onto my cock, she started to apoplectic fit my cock, her hands felt so good on my shaft that I could have easily cum convenient away so I pulled away and started to work my way down to her already soaked juicy pussy, as I started to lick and suck on her clit I could ascertain her moaning in ecstasy, she tasted so good as my tongue slid inside of her. I just love the sip of my woman’s pussy. After quite a long time down under I decide that it was time for my cock to start her, I slowly slid the head inside, her hands were constantly on my ass and I could sense her trying to pull me closer. She had had enough of the foreplay and for the time being wanted to be fucked hard so I compelled and started to really fuck her as hard as I could, it wasn’t extensive before she was moaning and screaming so loud as she came all over my cock.
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